by Zack Appleton

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A balmy spring evening greeted the Brothers of Mu Upsilon Alpha on March 27, 1999 as they assembled themselves in their fanciest duds and headed, two by two (for the most part) up to the Woodbridge Hilton for their annual  formal dance. As they stepped onto the ballroom floor that night, the men were dapper gents in tuxedos fit for a state dinner or Hollywood premier, and the ladies, in myriad evening gowns and cocktail dresses, were the envy of all their peers.

The mood was festive, the music was classy, and the chicken was L'Orange. This would be a memorable night, as all the MYA formals of previous years had been. The evening began with the traditional mingling, then settling into tables as the less punctual Brothers sauntered in with traditional MYA devil-may-care attitudes. Dining music played as they supped on surprisingly good fare for such a mass produced event. Many leafed through the most recent, meticulously executed edition (Zack was the editor of said edition-- ed.) of the Scarlet Fanfare, the Brotherhood-produced newsletter of the Rutgers Bands.

At the end of dinner, the second annual MYA People's Choice Awards were presented.There were several incumbent victories, including Cheryl Zigrand, who clinched the coveted Most Athletic Female title for the  second and probably not last year, but the big winner that night was Corey Revilla, who took home three awards, including Best Personal Style: Male.

After the awards were presented, the dance began. There was timidity at first among the Brotherhood about stepping into their boogie shoes (most likely for fear that the bulding's structure would not be able to contain the unbridled power of the dancing machine that is Mu Upsilon Alpha) and some took this time as an opportunity to capture the night in group photos, mostly of pledge classes and couples.

Soon, though, the fever overtook the Brothers and the tiny dance floor was flooded. Some interesting musical choices were made by our resident DJ, but for the most part he spun crowd favorites, including the Electric Slide, Limbo (which to the amazement of all resulted in very few serious injuries), and the original beloved version of Copacabana, during which the dance floor was ruled by Manilow-aholics Matt Gironda and Susan Jabbour.

The night quickly wound down from there, and the Brothers took their leave of the Hilton, soon to convene again in the all-too-familiar surroundings of their Sunday meeting. The evening would not soon be forgotten, special as it had been, and though the Brothers all eventally left the Hilton, the spirit of the Brotherhood will remain there forever.